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The Full Story


AAS Transport, inc., is a full-service, specialized carrier which started from humble beginnings, with one truck and one driver in 2017.

From its beginning, hauling granular feed for one of the nation's largest in the poultry industry, we have grown our fleet of Peterbilt trucks to handle specialized loads including soil, gravel, recyclable materials and other bulk-item hauling.

We have grown our fleet of trucks and trailers which now consists of bulk-feed-boom trailers, hopper bottom and dump-trailers.

Our team now also includes its own in-house mechanical and support services, including a metal fabrication shop with some of the latest professional equipment available.

Our aim is to be the absolute best, at what we do!

AAS Wall Plaque 2017_edited.jpg
AAS Wall Plaque 2017_edited.jpg


AAS Transport, inc. strives to be the absolute best in what we do! - S. Edwards, President.


AAS Transport, inc. is dedicated to providing best-in-class logistical and transportation services to a varied client-base throughout the Southern States of America.

AAS Transport, inc.  is dedicated to the long-term success of our clients, through professional administrative personnel and drivers providing on-time bulk and specialized freight services.


AAS Transport, inc. does not want to be the biggest in what we do, we simply strive to be the BEST at what we know. Through ongoing development, we strive to further develop our people, equipment and administration to continually improve our systems and processes, which in-turn provides truly competitive services to our clients. A never-ending process of improvement and development.

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