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Contract Hauling

AAS Transport inc. fleet of late model Peterbilt trucks can handle most-any task of hauling. Backed by our own in-house mechanics and fabrication shop, we can capably and professionally deliver your cartage requirements across the Southern States of America. From short haul to long-haul, we've got you covered.

Poultry - Agriculture

Where we got our start... Live Haul!

AAS Transport inc. specializes in live haul transport of poultry. Currently operating live egg, live bird delivery and placement and feed systems to farms for the 4th largest poultry company in the world. Setting new standards of efficiency in delivery - saving our clients time and money in the process. 

Hopper / Dump Trailer

Our hopper bottom and dump trailers are proving to be an efficient and cost-effective means to moving natural resources, such as soil, gravel, and lately recyclables. We're expanding our range of specialized trailers to meet the ever-growing needs of our client-base. Contact us now for your specific needs.

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